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Calvert Education & Verticy Learning

About This Project

Catalogs are like private window shopping. Whether they are digital or printed, we can take our time, bookmark pages, and return again and again. Because they have such longevity and play an integral role in conversion, their design and content is critical. They have a longer shelf life than other ad materials. The Calvert Education catalog is a very broad scope presentation of homeschool curriculum and services. The expertise of dozens of teachers, administrators, and subject specialists was accrued to write this very detailed content, where accuracy is paramount.  The Verticy catalog is designed to present a curriculum designed for children with learning differences. The subject is complex, yet needs to be made clear to parents who are making a decision about their child’s education. It was very rewarding to work alongside educators to develop this catalog. The catalog has also served to make these unique services available to school districts as well.