What is Black Book Marketing? It’s a digital “little black book,” a who’s who of creatives, the general contractor of marketing and concepting. We put together marketing plans and the teams to implement them. You need an ad campaign, a media buy, or a social media strategy. But do you need a full marketing department on a permanent basis? Black Book places people on projects. The right people for the right amount of time. A team of creative individuals, brought together with the proper expertise for your needs. We connect people with solutions.



Establish your distinctive look and feel with logo, web and content design. Great for new or established businesses looking to freshen up their look and attract new customers.


Web Content/Design

Landing page, entire website, starting from scratch, or time for a fresh look. We make sure your business is represented accurately and in a voice that speaks to your core philosophy.


Creative Direction

We create your marketing and ad campaigns with a cohesive look and message. Email drives are concepted and executed to align with landing pages, traditional media, and websites. All are timed for perfect launch sequence.


Copyright Services

Your expertise has value. Protect your ideas by having your work copyrighted. We help you register your book, audio, or video with the Library of Congress.


Social Media

A tweet here. A post there. We all know it’s so much more than that. We create content that is synced across all media with customized social media calendars. We employ listening platforms to monitor and respond to chatter. i.e. Yelp and Google reviews.


Traditional Media

This is the fun stuff. TV, radio, print, display. Then we sync it with online campaigns for maximum impact.


Project Management

The team for your project may not all be under the same roof, or in the same town, or the same time zone. We round them all up, keep them motivated, and on schedule.


Kick Start Marketing

An intensive, small group or one-on-one program for the small business, non-profit, or solopreneur.



An intensive, small group or one-on-one program for the small business, non-profit, or solopreneur.

Maggie shares her proven, grassroots marketing secrets.

  • Converting competition to collaboration
  • Staying motivated when you work primarily by yourself
  • Overlooked marketing strategies with fast results

Available through live events, webinars, or private coaching.