Content/Creative Director

Maggie Mills

Maggie is a tenured advertising and publishing executive. She has served as executive director, chief content officer, designer, and writer. Through it all, her passion remains the creative team. There is nothing more exciting than brainstorming for the client. Maggie takes the project from doodles, to creating the concept, assembling the team, launching the project, and delivering results that consistently thrill.

Graphic Design

Shannon Caulk

Shannon is an accomplished designer and uses her grassroots marketing skills for promoting multiple Southeastern Startups. Since moving from Potomac, Maryland to Charleston, South Carolina in 2014, Shannon has been worked as a free lance graphic designer, chief design officer and branding consultant in Charleston area. Shannon joined the Blackbook Team in Spring 2017.


Griffin Peddicord

2015 White House Top 30 Emerging Global Entrepreneur